Your ever best virtual team building on!

2020 brought unseen challenges to companies from both, commercial and organizational-operational point of view. Buiding coherent teams was never so important as of today. If you do not agree, stop reading right ahead.

However, if you agree that general video conferencig tools are not offering effective solution to the problem, we welcome to present you our solution. Targeted team buildings on our virtual platform are here to help you and your team communicate, act and interact more efficiently.

Our private microsite within and related services we offer, can make it possible for you and your team to enjoy a true virtual team building event.

How? See here:

What do we offer?

  • Tailored team building addressing your predefined needs, issues.
  • Problem solving via targetted coaching.
  • Cloudgame – cloud based game or quize – online or remote.
  • Digital escape room with live participants directed by the team, for joint fun.
  • The experience of joint cheering: option for sending drinks to all team members.
  • Possibility for eco-friendly gift parcel to all team members.
  • Music provided by our DJ in a separate room.

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2021 shall be a year of success for your team! Contact us for a quote: