Your virtual company event –  yes, let’s go for it!

This winter we cannot meet personally, therefore we invite you to meet at our virtual platform.

Our private microsite within and the related services we offer can make it possible for you and your team to enjoy a true virtual company event.

What do we offer?

  • Private space for you on, to host personalized town hall meetings, games, parties.
  • Arrangement and branding of the space as per your needs, with projection possibilities.
  • Hosts and hostesses, who will guide you through the event.
  • Event presenter – in English or Hungarian
  • The experience of joint cheering: option for sending drinks to all team members.
  • Eco-friendly gift parcel to all team members – based on agreement.
  • Our DJ can provide music from our space or directly from your office.
  • Digital escape room with experienced leaders, for joint fun.

Contact us for a personalised offer at!