The participant companies’ list is in continuous development.

We are looking forward for your participation at our event and ask you to confirm your willingness to  join us by 15th February 28th February 2020. To ensure a thorough preparation we aim to finalize all company programs until 1st March.

What’s in it for you?

  • NOC gives you a chance to show on a unique and attractive way those of your qualities that you are really proud of:
  • your values and their practical application
  • your social responsibility actions
  • your perspectives
  • your working conditions
  • offered professional and personal development conditions
  • your internal conviviality
  • leisure opportunities at your sites

What benefits are we offering compared to traditional job fairs?

  • The potential applicants might be assessed more easily from both, personal and potential point of view;
  • You can share success stories, internal results, employee career paths;
  • You might show your products, present your values in short videos, interactive games or workshops;
  • participating companies can disprove false beliefs about the company, form positive opinions or solidify the current picture of the company.
  • The event’s positive atmosphere may also strengthen loyalty of your current employees.

Why do we believe we will attract a large number of participant?

Because participants may

  • gain unconventional experiences;
  • have insights in highly prestigious companies’ lives;
  • network why travelling during the event, at company sights and during the evening party;
  • directly prove their aptitude;
  • connect more honestly and directly with existing employees.