Does your company need the right candidate? Interested in why companies will choose you? Ever heard of Night of the Companies? Open your gates on the 24th of September and show why your company is the best opportunity for the applicants.

An informal job fair

During the Night of Companies buses will take participants to companies between 4 PM and midnight. Whether your aim is employer branding or recruitment, the Night of companies will help you to create the best impression about your company. Participants shall arrive to company sites on a hop on – hop off basis, based on a pre-agreed time schedule. We will end the day with at a central location where both our corporate clients and participants will be invited and meet. Our target group includes people aged between 20 and 45 years, employed in office environment. In order to reach our participants we developed a well-structured communication strategy, using different media platforms and well know influencers.

There is no participation fee for participants visiting the companies. We offer 3 packages for joining companies, depending on their promotion level during the event.

Registration for participants shall begin on 1th of September. As a joint initiative with our HR partner, Greensearch Ltd., during registration we will invite participants to complete a short questionnaire on their employment preferences. The results of our study will be made available free of charge to all participating companies after the event.