Do your customers like your company because you provide them with something special? Is it a unique experience to work at your company? Who is the person who can perfectly align to your values and brings his/her best in the office and in home environment as well? 

Open your gates on 24th of September to present yourself in our virtual space at the Night of companies.

An informal career day!

We are waiting for you on the 24th of September from 4 pm to midnight on our online train station. During the Night of Companies virtual buses will run between  companies and you can join their programs. We provide our participating companies with the opportunity to present themselves online in the form of videos, workshops and face-to-face conversations. Those interested get a virtual insight into the life of participating companies. We make the whole program more joyful with games, closing the day with a joint get together in the virtual space.

Come and join us if you speak English, you have a BA, you are starting your career or you have multiple years of experience. Or you just want to get an insight into the life of several companies, network, play, learn.

The time spent in home quarantine and the sudden digitalization of workspaces gives completely new challenges for the work communities. To what extent are you a w@w (well at work) company or employee? Let us see during this evening!

Participants can join us for free, while company participation is for a charge.  Please contact us for detailed information and an individual quote.

Registration for participants shall begin on 15th September. As a joint initiative with our HR partner, Greensearch Ltd., we invite participants to complete a short questionnaire during registration. The results of our study will be made available after the event to all participating companies.