An informal job fair

The Night of Companies is an informal event and has the purpose to offer valuable insights about the daily life of the participating companies. During this early evening we’ll skip the formalities and show who YOU really are, both companies and visitors.

The emphasis shall be on openness between companies and communities, on the true working environments. Being well at work (w@w) is an increasingly attractive concept for applicants and can actually be more important than the work itself. How much of a w@w employer / employee are you? Let’s find it out together on the 2nd of April, during the first ever NoC in Budapest!

For easy and quick transport between sites, we offer separate bus services. In addition, our participants are welcome to use alternative transporting solutions such as bikes, electric scooters, or electric mopeds. Our bus lines will also operate as a communal space where participants can interact, socialize and learn about the companies they visit.

We will crown the day with a party organized for participants and company employees where we will evaluate, play and network.