Our event starts at 4p.m. and finishes at midnight.

Boarding on the busses shall happen on the designated bus stops.

The Night of companies offers a meeting framework for labour market participants. However we cannot guarantee hiring by any of the participating companies.

Taking picture, video films or voice records during the event is only possible with prior consent from the hosting companies.

By participating in the event all attendees consent that the organizers might take picture, record videos about them or the event. In addition these materials can be freely used for marketing purposes.

The organizers are not responsible for any physical, material or other type of injury or damage incurred during the event.

Littering during the event is strictly forbidden in the buses, on the bus routes or at the sites of the companies.

Or participants are obliged to adhere to the rules and regulations of the visited companies. The companies will inform the participants about these rules and regulations before entering to their sites.

Outrageous or unrespectful behaviour towards participants or companies is strictly forbidden during the entire event. Participation on the event under the effect of psychedelic drugs is strictly forbidden.

The organizers uphold their right to forbid participation of those attendees who do not duly respect all the above.

All rules and regulations listed above are valid to anyone who are participating in the event. The organisers consider that given the publicity of this document, all participant know, accept and comply with the above rule.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!